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About Us

About SUTT

We are the Stanford university triathlon team, officially a Stanford Club Sports team, internally managed by team-elected, student officers and one professional coach. The team is open to all levels of ability! We will host daily practices, but all participation is voluntary. Team members are working towards a wide range of individual as well as team goals. From sprint triathlons to a full Ironman, SUTT is the place for you


SUTT competes in the West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (WCCTC). During the season, much of the team focuses on climbing the podium at WCCTC Championships and USAT Nationals. Some members also train for a variety of non-collegiate races and ultra-distance races. We also host a yearly race, the Treeathlon, featuring one of the fastest sprint-distance triathlon courses in the Bay Area. Stanford students interested in joining should click below.

Team Values

Tenacity: persistent effort for your level of experience and

ability; consistently working towards your goals as a triathlete.

Relationships: connection to the team and our coach;

involvement in practices, social events, and races; building community with the people we race against, our sponsors, and everyone who participates in or supports Treeathlon.

Inclusion: welcoming and supporting all members of the

Stanford community to our team, especially those who historically have been excluded from the sport of triathlon, notably Black and Indigenous people, all people of color, Queer and Trans people, and disabled people. We acknowledge that financial ability is a major barrier to participation, and are working to make our team as accessible as possible.

Team Values

SUTT Leadership

IMG_8979 (1).jpeg
"Read the weekly emails!"
 Administrative VP 
"My friend Sonia convinced me I would enjoy this sport, and she was right"
Abby Romo
Skyler St. Pierre
amromo <at>
sstpie <at>
 Financial Officer 
"Pay dues!"
Bridget Patrick
bpatrick <at>
 Race VP 
"I'm looking forward to Nationals and getting as many members to race as possible"
Albert Wu
amhwu <at>
 Treeathlon Coordinator 
"Race Treeathlon 2024!"
Sonia Martin
soniamartin <at>
Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 11.05.50 AM.png
 Social Coordinator 
"The rumors are true"
Jonas LaPier
jlapier <at>
 Apparel & Sponsorship Coordinator 
"I just want to be fast"
Xander Sahin
xansmile <at>
 Treeathlon Coordinator 
"What Sonia said!"
Matt Benjamin
mattbenj <at>
 Social Coordinator 
"Bang please sponsor me"
Ian Chakraborty
iach9222 <at>

Contact Policy

We do not have the resources to meet with or respond to the questions of anyone who is not already admitted to Stanford. We wish all prospective applicants good luck, and we hope to meet you when you start at Stanford!

Contact Policy
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