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Check the weekly update and/or training calendar below for location specifics. Below we've listed google maps links to our most common meeting points.


Bike & Trainer Rides:


  • Track runs: Cobb Track - when we have practice at the track, meet on the north side of the track, off Galvez Street



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2021-22 Race Schedule

A Couple Notes:

Winter Quarter

Feb 12-13 - UCSD Tritonman (San Diego, CA)

Feb 27 - UCSB Kendras Race (Santa Barbara, CA)

March 6 - Stanford Treeathlon (Redwood City, CA)

March 20 - Cal Poly MTS (Regionals) (Cayucos, CA)


Spring Quarter

Apr 1-2 - Collegiate Club National Championships (Lake Lanier, GA)

May 1 - Half Moon Bay Triathlon (Half Moon Bay, CA)

June 5 - Escape from Alcatraz (San Francisco, CA)


Race Reimbursements

Information about reimbursements for Nationals can be found below in the Nationals Team Policies section.

The team subsidizes the cost of racing by reimbursements for all members in good standing. To be a member in good standing you must pay dues and be a member in good standing.

Reimbursement policy:

  • Lodging: We will reimburse hotels for races on the team racing calendar that require overnight stays.

  • Fall: We will reimburse all but $20 for up to two races during fall quarter.

  • Winter: We will reimburse all but $20 for up to two races during fall quarter in addition to WCCTC (excluding Treeathlon).

  • Treeathlon: Treeathlon will not be reimbursed. Each team member is expected to volunteer at the race. If a team member would like to race in the Treeathlon, he/she must provide two substitute volunteers.

  • WCCTC Championships: We will reimburse for all but $20 of fees for the WCCTC Championship race.

  • Spring: See our Nationals Team Policies section below for information about reimbursements for nationals. We will reimburse $50 for Wildflower.

  • Transportation: Car owners who provide transportation according to the race coordinator's plan will be fully reimbursed for the race (exempt from the $20 copay) and gas.

  • Good Standing: Reimbursements will be withheld until athletes are in good standing (must pay dues and perform 1/3 of the annual team responsibilities during the quarter in which the race is held).

  • If you register for a race but do not compete due to injury or other circumstances, you will not be reimbursed.

Nationals Team Policies


SUTT Eligibility Requirements

  • Athletes must pay winter and spring dues to go to Nationals.

  • Athletes must volunteer at the Treeathlon Race.

  • Athletes must be eligible to score for Stanford at the race (see USAT Eligibility Requirements below).

  • Athletes must be active team members (i.e. attend at least three workouts per week).

  • Athletes must express interest fall quarter when the deposit payment is due.

  • Athletes must participate in one regular season race and WCCTC conference championships (exceptions made for academic time conflicts).


USAT Eligibility Requirements

  • Each athlete must be enrolled as a full-time student (graduate or undergraduate) and must be in good standing financially, academically, and disciplinarily within the academic year.

  • A full-time athlete who completes degree requirements for an advanced degree during the fall or winter is eligible to compete in the National Championships held the same academic year.

  • An athlete who is a full-time student in the fall semester or winter quarter but is not a full-time student at the time of the race is not eligible for the National Championships if they did not complete their degree requirements.

  • If an athlete has changed schools/teams (through a transfer or after graduation), they must compete for the school in which they are currently enrolled as a full-time student.

  • All athletes must be 28 years old or less on race day.

  • All athletes must be USAT annual members.

  • All athletes must wear their official team uniform that includes the team name and covers the torso completely.

  • Full rules can be found on the USAT Collegiate Nationals Website.

Selection Criteria

  • The top 4 racers per gender (8 total) and the Nationals draft-legal team will receive additional financial support (see reimbursement policy below). Often, the top four athletes on the team will also be the members of the nationals draft-legal team.

  • Racers who are interested in being on the draft-legal team will be determined by coaches early in the training season. These athletes will have altered workouts that focus on this style of racing.

  • The "top 4" (per gender) will be determined as follows:

    1. Top Stanford finisher at WCCTC Championship race.​

    2. Top athlete in SUTT performance ranking as of WCCTC Championships (see below).

    3. Runner-up athlete in performance ranking as of WCCTC Championships (see below).

    4. Coaches' choice.

  • The Stanford Triathlon Performance Ranking will be based on an athlete's best 3 WCCTC qualifying races (regardless of format) measured in terms of the athlete's time as a percent of the race winner's time averaged over the three races. Note: results from the WCCTC Championship race can be counted as 0, 1 or 2 races in the SUTT Performance Ranking (whichever is best for the athlete).

Reimbursement Policy

  • Athletes attending nationals will be reimbursed for race registration, hotel, and transportation (rental cars and gas) around the race site.

  • Athletes attending nationals wil not be reimbursed for travel and bike transportation to the race site (e.g. airfare), except the top 4 athletes and the draft-legal team. 

    • Top 4 athletes and draft-legal team will be subsidized $100 towards travel.​

    • Top 4 athletes and draft-legal team will be subsidized the cost of transporting their 2nd racing bike to the race site.

  • The team will rent a truck to transport bikes to the race site. The total cost of the vehicle will be split evenly among all of the bikes in the vehicle (flat rate per bike for each athlete).

  • If an athlete has completed all required job credits, additional job credits can be applied towards travel expenses to nationals for that athlete.


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