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Want to join? OH YEAH! Here's what you gotta do.

How to join

NOTE: For liability purposes, steps 1-2 must be completed before attending ANY AND ALL practices.

1. Register for the team through Club Sports' DoSportsEasyEven if you are just taking the team for a test-drive, you must do this for liability purposes and for pool access.

2. Fill out THIS google form to add yourself to the internal team roster.​

3. Register with Stanford's OrgSync.

  • Create an account or log in with your existing SUNet ID.

  • Search for Stanford Club Triathlon Team.

  • Click the green "Join Now" button to affiliate yourself with the team. Done!

4. Sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement to access our awesome team sponsorship deals.

5. Join our mailing list.

  • This is used for major announcements & weekly schedule updates, but most other communication happens through the team Slack workspace. You will be added to Slack when you pay dues.

6. Pay dues.

7. Show up to practice!


Our team is open to all registered Stanford Students (undergraduate and graduate/professional). We practice at all levels of seriousness and ability: complete beginners, elite athletes, swimmers, bikers, runners, and casual social trainers are all encouraged to check out the team.

Getting Started


To learn more about the team, show up to a workout and introduce yourself! (See our practice calendar for information on times and locations.) Look for one of our officers if you have any questions. For liability purposes, make sure to register for DoSportsEasy,  and fill out our team roster before attending any practices (see steps 1-2 on "How to Join").

We offer a two-week free-trial period to new members for the first two weeks of fall and of winter quarter. After the trial period is over, all athletes are required to pay dues before attending any practices. Members joining at other times of the year should go to office hours with our head coach for on-boarding and to determine a healthy practice schedule.

Athletes who want to take advantage of our race subsidies and sponsorship benefits will have to complete (usually easy and fun) member responsibilities.



Dues are not, under any circumstances, refundable. This includes injuries or any other unforeseen circumstances.

We offer a two-week free trial period at the beginning of fall and winter quarter to allow new members to try out the team for free. Starting the Monday of Week 3, all athletes must pay dues to attend practice.

To pay dues, bring cash (in an envelope labeled with your name) or a check made out to Stanford Triathlon Club with you to practice and give it to one of the officers or coaches.


  • Academic year: $115 per quarter, $300 for entire academic year.

  • Summer: $30.

Member Responsibilities


In order for our team to function with the limited resources we have as a club team, we depend on every member to spend time volunteering for the team outside of practice. To qualify for race subsidies and our sponsorship deals, we require all team members to do the following:

1. Complete 12 team job credits throughout the year (or 4 per quarter). Athletes going to Collegiate Nationals must complete 16 job credits to offset the cost of racing out of state.

  • Members can receive job credits for things like moving trainers to and from swike workouts or volunteering at varsity Field Hockey games. Job credit opportunities will be posted on the team mailing list.

  • We do not want our job credits system to stress you out! If you're feeling overwhelmed or behind on job credits, reach out to any of the officers and we'll help you find ways to catch up!

2. Volunteer at our home race, Treeathlon. Team members are expected to spend ALL DAY Saturday and ALL DAY Sunday of Treeathlon weekend (usually the first weekend of March) volunteering at the race course in Redwood City. Treeathlon is our biggest fundraiser of the year and would not be possible without help from our members.

3. Sign up for at least four hours of volunteer shifts for Stanford's Reunion Homecoming in October. Every year we volunteer at Stanford's Reunion Homecoming as a way to give back to The Stanford Fund (TSF) for their financial support of our team. Look out for an email from our Administrative VP early with info fall quarter.



Some of the benefits you will have as a SUTT member:

  • Coaching

    • Team members receive professional coaching from our amazing coaches.​

  • Online Training Plan

    • Our coaches provide an online training plan via TrainingPeaks. To access this training plan, first create an account on trainingpeaks.com then email coach Gina for help linking your account our training plan.

  • Sponsorship Discounts

    • Team members are eligible for discounts on services and gear from our sponsors. Look out for an email from our Sponsorship Coordinator with details.​

  • Team Events

    • We host many events outside of practice including quarterly BBQs and our spring break training trip.​

NOTE: You must be a member in good standing in order to partake in these benefits. For information on how to be a member in good standing check out our Member Responsibilities.



Fill out the required forms, check out our training calendar, show up to a practice and introduce yourself!

Mailing Lists


There are two mailing lists:

We also use Slack to manage internal communication. You will be added to the Slack when you pay dues.