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Fall Quarter Begins!

About to get #educated

Wow! After a great summer of #training and #sendingit, the Stanford Triathlon Team has returned to campus and is ready for a great quarter of more training and more sending it, this time with #education thrown in the mix.

This quarter, the team has a couple of key races coming up, including Cal's Bearathlon, and that might be it? IDK gotta confirm.

Either way, the SUTT family is looking forward to meeting and welcoming all the new SUTT-ers (both undergraduate and graduate) and show them the tri ropes. If you're a one of these new SUTT-ers, or you're thinking about becoming one, check out our 'About Us' page to learn more about our team, and the 'How to Join' page for instructions on how to bake a fabulous fall recipe.

TL;DR on the above pages: if you're thinking about joining the team, just come to a couple of our practices, meet the team, and follow the instructions on the website to join!

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