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SUTT@Tritonman 2020

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

We had a sizeable group make the trek to San Diego for the UCSD Tritonman. The weather was GORGEOUS and the course beautiful(ly flat). The long van rides, cold water, longer & more aggressive than average swim, and early mornings didn’t phase our speed or fun. Lots of updates, so hang on tight!

Day 1 Draft Legal: Ben and Brian repped the team while everyone else cheered them on. Ben placed 8th overall, coming in under 1 hour with a speedy 00:59:30. Dylan was especially inspired by his incredible run. Brian zoomed in just a few minutes later for a 1:02:56. Fun fact: Ben and Brian had the exact same time for T2 clocking in at 00:00:37. Great job to both these guys!

Day 2 Classic: We had a huge team for the classic race with 9 males and 13 females representing SUTT. We had four members place top 20. Leandra had the top finish for the team, with 5th for the women and a run time of 00:17:19 (PR), which made her the fastest woman for that leg of the race. She also is personally happy that she had her fastest transitions so far (woot woot). Nick led the guys with a 16th place finish (despite dreams that Dylan would beat him) and overall time of 1:04:25. Alex and Casey rounded out our top finishers with 18th and 19th place finishes, respectively. Casey had especially strong swim and run performances (3rd place in each) while Alex shined throughout the bike and run.

Other men competing included Dylan, Ryan H., Curtis, Sam, Clemens (Fastest T2 transition for all collegiate men), Leo, Matt and Ryan O. Other women include myself, Larissa, Lindsay, Anneke, Lisa, Eliza, Patricia, Julie, Trinity and Melissa. We seemed to be especially strong on the cycle as a team (s/o to Stanford for being a bike friendly campus!) Special congrats to Matt and Melissa for completing their first ever triathlon (perhaps for some others too-sorry if I missed you)! This was the first time doing an open-water swim for several people as well. As far as I can see, we didn’t have any penalties or DQ’s, so that’s great news! Sadly looks like there was a chip error for Ryan O’s run, but judging by the photos (and past experience seeing him run), it was a strong leg for him!

During one exciting pitstop, the vans got back together for some electronic target shooting and In-N-Out. MVP shooters include Dylan, Leandra and myself. MVP eaters=just about everyone.

I was super inspired by the hard work and intense cheering from all on the team. It was probably my favorite sports weekend of my athletic career, and I know it was meaningful for the rest of the team as well!


Eric for inspiration, meditation, pre-race (and in-race) course mapping, lessons about love and oxytocin, and so much more.Matt for bike transport, mad Tetris skills, and some solid cheering.Alex P for all of the race coordination efforts and general organization.Anyone who loaded/unloaded bikes, cheered, drove vans, returned vans, and so much more.

Awesome pic of the team. Especially awesome pic of Sam and Lindsay

By: Erin McShane

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